The best of Alderney Landing: a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canadian Landmark

Alderney Landing is a Canadian point of interest in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It was the site of the first permanent settlement in Dartmouth and is home to many great attractions. It provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the history, culture, and natural beauty that make this part of Canada so unique!


Alderney Landing – Cultural and Historical Aspects

Alderney Landing's history begins with its first settlement in A.D. 1616 by the French, soon joined by people from France and Scotland seeking religious freedom. The property was officially granted to Daniel d'Auger de Subercase following the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, but it wasn't until 1750 that Alderney Landing was actually settled. Richard Pollard from Yorkshire, England, became the first settler in Alderney and established a fishing operation.

The name Alderney comes from the Channel Island of Alderney, where many early settlers came from. The town of Alderney had a concise life, though, as it dissolved on July 31st 1874, when it amalgamated with Dartmouth to become the City of Dartmouth! In 1873 Alderney Landing was incorporated as a town and its first Mayor was A.E. Hartlen, who also built the first wharf in Alderney Landing that same year

Alderney Landing has continued to grow and develop, with its current incarnation opening in 2001. The Alderney Landing of today is a vibrant cultural and community centre that hosts many events throughout the year, celebrates our rich heritage, and provides a place for people to gather and connect.


Alderney Landing – Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Alderney Landing is also home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Dartmouth. Our waterfront boardwalk provides stunning views of the Halifax Harbour, and our trails through the forested areas of Alderney Landing are perfect for a peaceful walk or a vigorous hike. It is also home to several playgrounds, making it the ideal place for a family day out! It is also home to several sports fields, which can be used for everything from cricket and football to Ultimate Frisbee!


Alderney Landing – Business and Event Venue

Alderney Landing is also an excellent venue for business events or private functions. Our facilities can accommodate anything from a small meeting to a large conference, and we have all the necessary equipment and support services to make your event run smoothly. It is also home to several excellent restaurants, making it the perfect place for dinner or lunch.


The Bottom Line

Alderney Landing is the perfect location for various events, including business functions or private parties. It offers beautiful natural scenery that everyone will enjoy, along with plenty of things to do!

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