The true purpose of a website and its design

Understanding the purpose of your website will increase sales dramatically.



Why do you have a website – what is your goal?

The answer to this question will determine how you should design your website.
If your website is meant to be an online brochure for your business, it should simply list what services or products you offer and provide contact information. However, if you want your website to be a sales tool that helps you close more deals and make more money, then a more comprehensive design tailored to your unique business is in order.


How much do you understand the products or services you have to offer?

It sounds obvious, but it is not! We'll come to that in a moment, stay with me!
You need to have a detailed knowledge of what your business offers if you want to describe it accurately and efficiently on your website. The better you know the products and services provided, the better you can communicate to your visitors. You'll also be able to design your website in a way that makes it easier for visitors to find the information they're looking for. All your SEO efforts will benefit as well!

This brings us to the five most important questions you should ask yourself first (or your web designer should ask these questions)

1. Who can you serve better than anyone else?
  • Do you have a specific audience?
  • What does your perfect customer look like?
  • What are you better than anyone else?
  • What customer benefits the most form your product or service?
2. What does this person move towards your business or away from your company?

Think about things like: (Does this attract or move customers away?) – Did you ever asked a customer this?

  • customer service
  • pricing
  • quality
  • time to job finish the job
  • better equipment
  • supply for this equipment
  • high quality
  • and so on – please adjust these questions, answers to your business
3. Where is this person in the purchasing process?
  • Are they already informed?
  • Do they know that and what they need?
  • Do they have no clue what they want and need?
  • Do they know all of your products/services to make a decision?
  • Are you dealing with complete newbies or with prospects that only need the final kick to buy?
4. Why would this person choose your offer over every other?
  • What do you provide that the competition doesn't?
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • Are you better, faster, cheaper, better customer service?
  • What makes you faster, better, cheaper and your customer service outstanding?
  • What is the benefit in choosing your company compared to your competition?
  • What do people care about? Is it the price? The quality?

Do you hire a lawyer only because he is the cheapest you could get?…

5. How can you best communicate with that person? (identified in Question 1)
  • Do you need to hold hands during the whole process?
  • Do people want to be treated like professionals?
  • Do they know the niche relevant technical terms?
  • Do you have to present your service easy to understand for everybody?
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