DesBrisay Museum Bridgewater

The museum is a fascinating insight into one of Canada's most famous families and their life experiences. artifacts include furniture, paintings weapons photographs which were used by members in the struggle for freedom throughout history

In 1959 Dr Percy Rivington DesBrimage established this historic site to house his collection that eventually became known as The Bridgewater Collection now at Dartmouth College. You can see items like clothing outfits or even dishes set out on display alongside some personal belongings representing what was eaten while living here Glock

What's so great about this place? Well, if you're looking to get an education on our country’s history and how it all came together then look no further than The Rooms of Arts. This museum has countless artifacts that provide insight into what life was like back when people were settling in Canada or just coming over from Europe as well!

This Nova Scotia attraction also includes many other fascinating items such as its architecture which can be admired through picturesque rooms full paintings & icons representing each province; regional clothing displays showcasing influences across borders – including American styles weakened onto Canadian.

The DesBrisay Museum in Bridgewater is for anyone interested in the history, heritage, and genealogy of this area. It includes outbuildings where staff create period costumes to be used at other museums across Canada!

It's easy enough to get lost in the details of stories like The War of 1812; Scottish Clans; Irish Immigrants. You'll find wealth for your research here at Ancestry Library Edition! There are also many other lesser-known but fascinating tales from around Canada you can explore too – take Acadian Exiles or French Refugees from St Domingue (Haiti).

The Underground Railroad is another option if escaping via “The Passage” sounds appealing then head south on these pages.

It's not just about the DesBrisays who shaped this area over many years, it is also about fascinating characters such as Pierre Chevette and Benjamin Sivera-Smyth.

The website has the most up-to-date information about prices and opening hours so you can plan your trip accordingly.

The DesBrisay Museum in the town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is a must for anyone who loves art and history. It was founded by Mr. Louis-Deshun Brebieres to house his extensive private collection which includes many works from around Canada – from historic First Nations paintings up to contemporary Canadian artwork!

The museum offers several great activities like poetry readings with award-winning authors as well tours led by local guides when you want more information about where your next vacation will take place or what life would be like living among these famous people such as Sir Wilfrid.

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