Ferry Terminal Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: What to do, Why it is Worth Visiting

The Ferry Terminal Park is a point of interest in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, that offers a fantastic view of the harbour. With its rich history and culture, Ferry Terminal Park will be sure to provide you with many things to do! Whether you're looking for nearby attractions or hotels, this blog post will cover it all. Ready? Let's get started!


Cultural and Historical Background:

Ferry Terminal Park was first opened in 1959 as the Ferry Landing. The park served as a hub for transportation, with people coming and taking the ferry across the harbour. In 1965, the Ferry Landing was closed and turned into a park. It wasn't until 1985 that Ferry Terminal Park was renamed in honour of the former Dartmouth Ferry.


What to do at Ferry Terminal Park

Ferry Terminal Park is an excellent place for families and friends. You can take pictures of the harbour. You can also play on the swings or slides in the playground area. You can also read a book on one of its benches under trees. You can fly kites that you can buy from vendors nearby. Or you can just take a relaxing walk.

Ferry Terminal Park is found on Alderney Drive in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which can be accessed by driving south on Highway 118 from Halifax. The park has been around since the 1970s. However, it was officially named Ferry Terminal Park by 1978 when they were given their name by the City of Dartmouth.

This point of interest has plenty to offer, with features like a fountain, sculptures, benches, and more. Ferry Terminal Park has many things to offer visitors, such as a beautiful view of the harbour, playgrounds for kids and adults alike, and even sculptures that can be found around Ferry Terminal Park.


How to Get There

Ferry Terminal Park is easy to get to by car. If you're coming from Halifax, take Highway 118 south until you reach Ferry Terminal Park on Alderney Drive in Dartmouth. There is also a bus stop close to the park, making it easy to get there using public transportation.


Nearby Accommodations

There are plenty of places to stay near Ferry Terminal Park. If you're looking for a place to stay that's closer to nature, there are also plenty of campgrounds here. If you're looking for a hotel, some great options include the Atlantica Hotel Halifax or the Holiday Inn Express Suites Dartmouth.


Why Ferry Terminal Park is Worth Visiting

Ferry Terminal Park has been a point of interest in Dartmouth since the 1970s, and it continues to offer visitors things to see and do every day! With its beautiful view of the harbour, playgrounds for both kids and adults, and sculptures that can be found around Ferry Terminal Park, there is plenty to do. There are many reasons why Ferry Terminal Park is worth visiting.

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