Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: The Perfect Canadian Point-of-interest

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is one of Canada's best points of interest. You will find it to be an interactive museum with a rich history and culture. The Fisheries Museum is located on Water Street, at St. Margaret's Bay, near where it opens into Mahone Bay. It was established by fishermen who wanted to tell their story about what they do for a living through fishing. It is also designed to show the importance of fishing. It also aims to show how much respect they have for the ocean.


The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic: Features and Highlights

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic has a wide variety of exhibits and displays, many of which are interactive. There is a Fisheries Hall with dioramas that depict various aspects of the fishing culture in Nova Scotia and an exhibit on the schooner Bluenose II. You can also explore the museum's extensive collections of fish scales, as well as other artifacts from the Fisheries Museum's own collection.

The Fisheries Hall is home to various dioramas that depict how fishermen lived and worked in Lunenburg at different historical periods, including an original Bluenose fishing boat crewed by mannequins dressed in period clothing. The Fisheries Hall also contains two galleries – the Fisheries Gallery and the Marine Life Gallery – filled with exhibits on fish, fishing gear, boats, navigation, and more.

One of the most popular interactive displays at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is a large touchscreen table that allows visitors to explore different aspects of Nova Scotian fisheries. You can learn about fishing's history in the province, the variety of fish caught, and even how to fillet a fish. There is also a Fisheries Gift Shop on-site to purchase souvenirs from your visit.


Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic: Culture and History

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is more than just a museum about fishing. It's also about the culture and history of Lunenburg. It is the perfect place to learn about the history and culture of Nova Scotia's Fisheries Coast. The museum is home to various artifacts that reflect this, including scale models of schooners, boats, and fish traps; tools used in fishing; and even a collection of rare books on maritime history.

It was initially opened in 1971 when Canada's fishing industry members wanted to preserve their heritage. They founded Fisheries Centre Incorporated (FCI) – a non-profit organization that highlights not just the current role played by commercial fishermen in society but also their past.



What makes Lunenburg unique in Canada is its heritage as one of the world's preeminent shipbuilding towns. Most of the Fisheries Museum's artifacts were donated by local fishermen and their families, so it really is a museum that reflects the community in which it resides. This is an exciting attraction you must never miss!

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