Canadian Tourist Point of Interest: Reasons to Visit Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

Fort Cumberland National Historic Site is a place to visit in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Fort's purpose over the years has been to provide military security for Nova Scotia from invaders. Fort Cumberland was captured by British troops during the Revolutionary War and rebuilt after being destroyed in 1794.


Why Visit the Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

Fort Cumberland National Historic Site offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience life as it would have been experienced by soldiers stationed here between 1813-1829. Visitors can tour the Fort's buildings and explore its grounds, which contain many 19th century artifacts such as cannons, muskets, uniforms and personal items of significance used at Fort Cumberland throughout history. Many interactive exhibits help bring the Fort's history to life.

The Fort is open from mid-May until October, and admission is free. There are several things to do while at Fort Cumberland National Historic Site, including touring the buildings and grounds, visiting the gift shop, participating in special events and enjoying a picnic lunch on the Fort's grounds.


Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

Fort Cumberland National Historic Site is located in Amherst, Nova Scotia, a small town with a population of just over 6000 people. The city is situated in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It is home to many other points of interest, including Fort Anne National Historic Site, Fort Edward National Historic Site and Fort Lawrence National Historic Site.


Nearby Accommodations and Hotels

Accommodation options include two campgrounds, an inn/hotel, a motel and bed & breakfast accommodations in Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia. Many hotels are located throughout the Annapolis Valley, including several just outside of Amherst near Fort Cumberland. Fort Cumberland is also located close to the Nova Scotia International Tattoo, which takes place every year in late July at the Halifax Metro Centre.


How to Get There?

Fort Cumberland has located approximately 25km from the Port of Amherst along Highway 322 in Fort Lawrence at 26 Fort Road. From Halifax Airport, visitors can rent a car or take an airport shuttle bus if they choose. Visitors can also drive their own vehicles or take a bus.


The Bottom Line

There are many things for tourists to do while visiting Fort Cumberland National Historic Site in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and the Fort itself is a great attraction. The Fort's history and artifacts are fascinating to explore, while there are also many interactive exhibits available for visitors of all ages.

Fort Cumberland National Historic Site makes for a great Canadian tourist point of interest! Admission is free, and the Fort is a great place to spend an afternoon touring historic buildings and grounds. There are also several other points of interest in Amherst, Nova Scotia, that visitors can enjoy while they're in the area.

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