The Citadel Hill National Historic site in Halifax is the only fortified Victorian citadel in North America. It was reconstructed and designed by Colonel Edward Selwyn to ward off any possible invasion from the French. This site houses over 30 military guns and artillery pieces, many of which can be found on-site outside of the fort.

The Halifax Citadel is open year-round and offers visitors a guided tour of the site. There are also interactive exhibits, including a blacksmith shop and gunpowder magazine. Visitors can explore on their own or join one of the guided tours. There are also special events held at the Citadel throughout the year, such as the Christmas Garrison Parade and the Canada Day celebrations.

The Halifax Citadel is a must-see for any visitor to Halifax. It provides a great glimpse into the city's history and military past. The site is well-maintained and offers excellent visitor facilities, making it a popular tourist attraction. The Halifax Citadel is definitely worth a visit!

The only fortified Victorian citadel in North America, Citadel Hill was reconstructed and designed by Colonel Edward Selwyn in 1856 to ward off any possible invasion from the French. It is

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada, located on top of one famous hill is an excellent example how we used to protect our home front during war time. The first fortifications were built in 1749 by Edward Cornwallis who also gave Halifax its name- “Citadel”. Ever since then there have always been people living here who wanted this place called ‘the citadel' because it served them so well as base from which they could repel any enemy threat while still being close enough if somebody came looking for trouble!

The history of Citadel Hill is one that has been fought over by Britain and France. It was first built as a fort in 1749, then called Fort George; however only the third installment on this legendary site would be officially named after its royal namesake King GEORGE III (1738-1820). The other two forts were known respectively under their original titles – Halifax citadel(second)and Montréal correction castle.(first). This star shaped fourth structure now stands tall among us yet still maintains some semblance to how important it once upon

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