Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia: Canada's One of a Kind Fort Worth

In Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Ironworks Distillery is Canada's one of a kind fort worth visiting. Ironworks Distillery is located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, and it has been distilling spirits since 1867. Ironworks Distillery was initially built by Alexander Keith, who founded the Halifax Brewery (now called Moosehead).

Ironworks Distillery produces award-winning single malt whiskies aged in oak barrels for up to eight years before bottling. The name “Iron Works” comes from the building's original purpose as an iron foundry, thus making Ironworks Distillery a valid Canadian point of interest!


Features, Highlights, and Things to Do

Ironworks Distillery is a fantastic place for nature lovers, history buffs and beer enthusiasts. Visiting Ironworks Distillery can be done any time during the year. However, I advise you to visit Ironworks Distillery during the fall season.

When visiting Ironworks Distillery, I suggest that you take advantage of their distiller's tour. During this tour, they will teach you all about the whiskey-making process at Ironworks Distillery while showing off their award-winning Ironworks single malt whiskies.

This distillery also offers whiskey and beer sampling opportunities available within the Ironworks gift shop. Spending a day at Ironworks Distillery is one of those things to do in Canada's Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia!


More Things to Do and Nearby Attractions

After spending your time exploring Ironwork's distillery, I suggest that you take a walk around the neighbouring town of Lunenburg. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most picturesque towns in all of Canada, and it's definitely worth exploring! Ironworks Distillery is also close to many other popular attractions in Nova Scotia, such as Peggy's Cove, the Halifax waterfront and Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Ironworks Distillery is definitely worth visiting for those interested in exploring the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and all that Nova Scotia offers!

Since Ironworks Distillery distills single malt whiskey, it can only be found at liquor stores or select restaurants within Canada's provinces (except Quebec). Ironwork's signature brand of whiskeys, Ironworks Single Malt, can also be purchased online through their website.



If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Canadian fort worth visiting, Ironworks Distillery is the place for you! I guarantee that after spending a day at Ironwork's distillery and exploring Lunenburg, Nova Scotia that you will have fallen in love with everything Canada has to offer! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your time at Ironworks Distillery!

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