The Lighthouses of Isle Madame


Isle Madame is a small island off the coast near Sydney of Nova Scotia that offers lighthouses and history like nowhere else. This blog post will offer some tips for touring Isle Madame lighthouses, including why you might want to visit it in the first place!


The Ideal Roadmap for Great Adventure

To start things off, we'll head to Point Prim Lighthouse in Port-aux-Basques; this lighthouse was first constructed in 1857 as a beacon on the way to Newfoundland. Today it still serves as a navigational aid and can be seen from up to 20 miles out at sea. The next stop on our journey will be l'Anse aux Meadows Lighthouse, where visitors can see what life was like back when Vikings roamed these lands.


Final Stop But Not The End

The final stop of our journey will be Isle Madame Lighthouse, which can find on l'Isle Madame, a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. This lighthouse is located in l'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site and was made to help guide ships away from the shore. This beautiful structure also dated back to 1857 and was used to help ships and boats find their way back home.


Reflecting on Lighthouses at Present

Today lighthouses still serve as navigational aids for people out at sea, but they're also fantastic places to visit! With the history that goes along with lighthouses like these, you'll be able to learn about life in Canada's past while enjoying a breathtaking view.

So, lighthouses are amazing to look at, and they're also great places to visit. Isle Madame is home to some of Canada's most magnificent lighthouses, so be sure you stop by if you have the chance! You won't regret it!


Digging Deeper Down to the Bottom Line

Nova Scotia has many adorable lighthouses, particularly the Lighthouses in Madame Isle. This is because Isle Madame's Lighthouses are more picturesque and historical than any other Canadian lighthouse. If you are new to Canada and the city, there are guided driving and walking tours that you can book in advance before your travel.

The Lighthouses of Isle Madame shape Canada's history and geography and is a very impressive Madame Isle's featured spot. These lighthouses even help preserve the culture of the place as you will hear stories of shipwreck, John Paul Jones' Arichat visit, and the lightkeepers' stories.

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