Joseph Howe Falls in Truro, Nova Scotia: The Canadian Gem

Canada is a large country with many things to explore. Joseph Howe Falls in Truro, Nova Scotia, is one of the most exciting and beautiful places to visit. It has a fantastic waterfall that can be accessed by walking or driving up a scenic trail. Joseph Howe Falls also has a natural pool, and it's surrounded by lush forest and the ocean on three sides!


Cultural and Historical Background

Joseph Howe Falls was named after Joseph Howe, who first proposed this magnificent Canadian site back in 1848 as he wanted to create “a monument” for those who fought at Louisburg during King George's War (1744-48) against France. A plaque sits near Joseph Howe Falls that states: “This area will forever remain dedicated to those brave souls who fought and died at Louisburg so that future generations might enjoy the blessings of freedom.”


Features and Highlights

Joseph Howe Falls in Truro, Nova Scotia, is a spectacular Canadian gem. Joseph Howe can be accessed by driving up Joseph Howe drive or walking along the scenic trail. There are two main trails to choose from, starting at different locations (see below for details).

It's surrounded by lush forest and has a great natural pool, making it unique and worth visiting. Joseph Howe Falls, combined with Louisburg Battlefield Provincial Park, make it even more appealing to visit!


Why Visit Joseph Howe Falls?

There are many reasons why visitors should visit Joseph Howe falls. It's a beautiful and unique spot in Canada with amazing views. Joseph Howe Falls is also combined with the Louisburg Battlefield Provincial Park, making it a great place to learn about Canadian history!


Additional Details:

  • There are two main trails to choose from when visiting Joseph Howe Falls (see below for details)
  • The falls are also combined with the Louisburg Battlefield Provincial Park, making it even more appealing to visit!
  • Joseph Howe Drive is a beautiful scenic road that runs parallel to Joseph Howe falls. There are plenty of breathtaking views and photo opportunities along Joseph Howe drive.
  • Parking isn't provided at Joseph Howe Falls, but there's no fee for parking at the Louisburg Battlefield Provincial Park.
  • Dogs are welcome with a leash at all times.

Joseph Howe Falls is an excellent place for a picnic, hiking, swimming, or just taking in the beautiful scenery. The waterfall is about 12 meters high (40 feet), and it's a fantastic sight to see! Visitors can access Joseph Howe Falls by either walking along the main trail or driving Joseph Howe Drive.

The trails are in good condition, with no steep hills to climb, so it's an easy hike for all fitness levels! There is a beautiful pool at Joseph Howe falls, which makes it great for swimming, but there aren't any lifeguards on-site, so parents must be vigilant. Joseph Howe slips a natural pool with clean, freshwater, making it worth visiting.

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