Lahave River Trail: The Best Way to Explore Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Lahave River Trail is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. This scenic hiking trail is located in the heart of Nova Scotia's beautiful Bridgewater, Canada. It offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and wildlife while getting some exercise.

The path does not follow the river, but it still provides a chance to see many types of birds and other fauna like deer and moose that live in the area. There are also interpretive signs along the way that offer information on local history, culture, geology, flora and fauna.


Lahave River Trail – Features and Highlights

The Lahave River Trail has been designated as a Canadian Point of Interest because it features both natural beauty with its lush forest trails and cultural significance with its many interpretive signs.

The trail is a moderate hike over two miles long and takes around an hour to complete. It begins at the parking lot on Victoria Road and winds its way through a beautiful forest before ending up at the river's edge. Several benches are located along the way where people can rest and enjoy the view.

Several historic sites along this hiking path make it a uniquely Canadian point of interest. One notable place is located at the halfway end of Victoria Road, leading to Lahave River Trail, which was once used as an excavation area for locals looking for coal to power their homes.


Lahave River Trail – Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

The Lahave River trail is located in the heart of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, which means there are many things that people can do here while they visit this trail. The town features several restaurants and several shops, banks and grocery stores.

The Lahave River is located in the Bridgewater Triangle, which is one of North America's most haunted areas. People who are into ghost hunting might want to visit this area at night when they can experience some absolutely amazing things with their own eyes!

Lahave River Trail is also located close to several other points of interest in Nova Scotia. These include the Peggy's Point Lighthouse, a popular tourist destination due to its unique red and white design, and the Oak Island Money Pit, which is shrouded in mystery and has been featured on numerous TV shows.


The Bottom Line

If you're looking for more things to do in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, check out Canada's Lahave River Trail. The Lahave River Trail is great for a scenic hike, some exercise, or a chance to see some fantastic wildlife and landmarks. It is definitely worth a visit.

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