Top 3 Reasons to Visit Les Trois Pignons

Les Trois Pignons is a point of interest in the town of Chéticamp, near Sydney, Nova Scotia. The three pine cones are landmarks and an iconic image of the town. The pignons are a popular spot for tourists and photographers, who come to take in the view and snap some photos.

The pignons are located on a hill overlooking the Chéticamp River. On a clear day, you can see as far as the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The view is spectacular, and it's no wonder why this spot is so popular.


Top 3 Reasons

One reason tourists should go to Les Trois Pignons in Chéticamp is that they can see beautiful scenery and landscapes. Enjoying the sight is just one advantage. It also comes with being able to get some pictures, too.

Another thing about visiting them would be its history which makes the landmarks even more unique than before. Thus, people who love travelling or going on trips might want to make their way over here when they can.

The third reason is that something interesting about these three pignons located in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia and why people visit it would be because of the story which goes with it.


Unravelling the Story Behind Les Trois Pignons' Uniqueness

It is believed that a man named Michel used to live in this area long ago, and he was known as an excellent hunter. One day while he was out hunting, he saw three pine cones on a hillside and thought they were pretty, so from then on, he started calling this location Les Trois Pignons or The Three Pine Cones.

There are many points of interest for tourists all over Canada. Still, there are few places like Les Trois Pignons where you can find natural beauty and exciting history as an important symbol to Acadians. It is believed that the Acadian flag was created by adding a white cross on top of one of these pine cones. That's why it has been called “l'étendard acadien” or “the Acadian flag.”

The three pinecones have initially been placed there as a sign for sailors. Still, they have become more than just navigation aids over time – they're now considered symbols for Chéticamp and all things Acadian in general.


A Must-See Site

One thing you might not know about Les Trois Pignons and Chéticamp is that they've been included in a song. The French-Canadian folk singer, Félix Leclerc, wrote “Ch'ti down the road”, which contains lyrics about Les Trois Pignons and other things found in Chéticamp.

Les Trois Pignons is on top of a hill along Route 19 near Cheticamp, Nova Scotia – you can't miss them!

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