The Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick: Amazing Travel Attraction

The Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick, is a point of interest that many people visit. The Magnetic Hill attracts tourists worldwide because it has an unusual magnetic force that causes cars to roll uphill. The Magnetic Hill is a fantastic attraction on Mount Baldy Road in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


The Magnetic Hill – Features and Highlights

The hills are not only natural magnets. However, they also have many things for visitors to do and see. The attractions include a lookout tower, hiking trails, picnic areas and more! The view from the top of the hill is spectacular and an excellent place for photos with friends or family members!

The best time to visit The Magnetic Hills would be during late spring or early fall when there's less chance of inclement weather. The temperature is usually mild during these times. The leaves on the trees are changing colour, making for beautiful scenery.


The Magnetic Hill – History

The Magnetic Hill was discovered in 1784 by a surveyor named George Harper while he was mapping the area. The hill's magnetic properties were first documented in 1849 by Joseph Lyman, an American doctor. The Magnetic Hill eventually became a tourist attraction in 1965 because of its unusual magnetic properties, which attracts cars uphill! The site has since become very popular and is one of the most visited places by tourists.


The Magnetic Hill – Nearby Attractions and Landmarks to Visit

There are several things to visit in The Magnetic Hill area. The historic village of St.-Anselme, located close by, has many things to do, including hiking trails and a water park! The city of Moncton also offers lots of activities for visitors like restaurants, art galleries, museums and more!

  • The Magnetic Hills Driveway
  • The Magnetic Hill Lookout Tower
  • The Pebble Beach Golf Course
  • The Magnetic Hill Water Park
  • The Village of St.-Anselme
  • The City of Moncton


The Magnetic Hills Waterfall – Information

The waterfalls are man-made because they were created when The Mount Baldy Road was built in 1965. The road builder decided to build The Mount Baldy Road on The Magnetic Hill to make it easier for cars to travel uphill. The construction of The Mount Baldy Road involved blasting a big hole and then filling the gap with water, which created The Waterfall!


What Makes The Magnetic Hill Unique?

The Magnetic Hill is unique because it has an unusual magnetic force that causes cars to roll uphill. The Magnetic Hill is the only place in the world where this happens!


How To Get There?

To get to The Magnetic Hill, visitors can take Highway 15 east from Moncton or west from Fredericton. The exit is located on The Magnetic Hill, and the attraction is only a few minutes away from the highway. There are also signs posted along The Highway to help direct visitors. Check it out now!

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