Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is located in the Halifax area, Nova Scotia. The museum was opened in 1948 and is dedicated to the maritime history of the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to the largest collection of wooden ships in the world. The museum also has a large collection of naval and merchant marine artefacts, including figureheads, model ships, and paintings. The museum has the world's largest collection of miniature ship models, as well as a restoration complex that allows visitors to watch work being done on historic vessels.

The museum is affiliated with CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada. In October 2009, the PR vessel SS Atlantic Pioneer was added to the collection of the museum – she was previously owned by Cousteau. This vessel completed more than 30 North Atlantic voyages between 1951 and 1982.

In 2010 a new temporary gallery opened – “Maritime Moments”. The first exhibition displayed hundreds of marine art pieces from artists such as Lawren Harris, Cornelius Krieghoff, Maurice Cullen and Emanuel Hahn together with those of maritime painters such as Charles Brooking and marine explorer Donald Creighton.

The museum also has a large collection of lifeboats from various ships, including the SS “Armenian”, SS “Daghestan”, SS “Egyptian”, RMS Lusitania, SS “Mont-Blanc”, and . A new addition was added in 2009 – an 1870s rescue boat retrieved from St. John's harbour. It will be displayed on the wharf next to the CSS SWAN with plans for restoration completed by 2013. The Canadian Red Cross Society presented HMCS Sackville II with a new Edward Offley Matthews class lifeboat which is part of the museum's Rescues & Launches exhibit located inside of the Mobile Life Centre on 2 May 2012 during its reopening.

The museum exhibits more than 30 vessels and miniature ships, as well as the original ship's figureheads, cannons and other artifacts related to the Atlantic and World War II.

A recent exhibit focusing on hydrography is located in the former propeller room of “CSS Acadia” (a 100-year-old hydrographic survey vessel). The permanent galleries include Shipwreck Treasures (containing artifacts such as a diver's helmet from the American Civil War), Titanic: The Tragedy He Rose From (which also includes a scale model of “Titanic”), Ships, Guns & Uniforms – 200 Years of Maritime Canada, Life at Sea – About Us on Board Ship, Brave Deeds – Heroic Rescue at Sea and Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic. A new permanent exhibit — “RMS Titanic: The Canadian Story” — opened in May 2016.

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