Old Town Clock Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Old Town Clock in Halifax is a point of interest that everyone should visit. It was erected in 1843 and is located at the intersection of Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road. The clock has many stories behind it and some people may not know about it.

In fact, there might even be a few people that have no idea it exists. This article aims to tell the story of the famous clock and to shed light on some things you might have never known about it.

The Old Town Clock was built by a man named Levi Peavey Blanchard in Boston, Massachusettes. He was a well-known clockmaker and his work can be found all over the United States. The clock was originally meant to be a gift for the town of Halifax, but it never made it there. It was shipwrecked off the coast of Nova Scotia and Blanchard ended up losing a lot of money on the project.

The clock was eventually salvaged and brought to Halifax where it was erected in 1843. It has been a landmark in the city ever since. The clock is four metres tall and has a weight of over 1,000 kg. It features a Westminster chime that plays every quarter hour.

There are many stories and legends that surround the Old Town Clock. One popular story is that a young girl who was killed in a carriage accident is the reason for the clock's movement not matching the actual time. A story about a man who falls in love with a girl goes like this: A young couple went to an amusement park together on their first date. They had some free time before they needed to meet up with one of their parents at 5 o'clock. The boy told his girlfriend that he would go on one ride and then come back to meet her. He never came back though, because he fell off of the ride and died instantly. Since no one knew what became of him, everyone thought that he stood her up on purpose and she never saw him again.

The girl eventually moved away from Halifax, but years later her father built the clock and she happened to be back in town. She was riding her horse one day and noticed that it had stopped moving. She thought there might have been something wrong with the horse, but noticed that the Old Town Clock, which she remembered from her childhood, also stopped working. She asked someone what time it was and they told her 4 o'clock.

She realized at that moment that her father must have built The Old Town Clock as a way to remind her of the man who stood her up on their first date all those years ago. They say if you look closely at the hands on the clock face you will see them stop at 4 o'clock every now and then for about 20 seconds or so before continuing on their way.

There are many other stories and legends that circulate around the clock, but these are some of the most popular ones. Whether you believe in them or not is up to you, but they make for an interesting read nonetheless. If you're ever in Halifax, be sure to stop by and take a look at this historic landmark. It's definitely worth your time!


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