Tourist Guide: Pembroke Beach in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Pembroke Beach is a beach in Pembroke, Nova Scotia. Pembroke Beach is on the south shore of Pembroke Harbour at the mouth of Pembrokeshire Creek. Loyalists first settled Pembroke to New England, loyal to King George III after the 1776 American Revolution. The location of Pembroke Beach on Pembrokeshire Creek made it an ideal place for trade with Boston and other ports along the northeastern seaboard.


Pembroke Beach's Historical and Cultural Background

Pembroke became an important port in the 19th century, and Pembroke Beach was a busy place with several schooners and other vessels anchored in the harbour. Pembroke had two shipyards, one on either side of Pembrokeshire Creek.

The Wallace family operated the larger yard on the east side of Pembroke harbour. A Mr. Boudreau used the smaller yard on Pembrokeshire Creek, which bisects Pembroke into two parts. The Wallace shipyard built several small wooden sailing vessels while the Poulette family kept their vessel building traditions alive at West Pembrook through to 1875.

Pembroke Beach was also the site of Pembroke's first post office, which was in a small building on the beach. Pembrokeshire Creek, and Pembroke Beach, have been an essential part of Pembroke's history for over 250 years.


Pembroke Beach Today – Understanding its Features and Highlights

Today Pembroke Beach is a popular spot for swimming, boating and fishing. The beach has a playground, washrooms and change rooms. There is also a small convenience store located on the coast. Pembroke Beach is open from Victoria Day weekend in May until Labour Day Weekend in September. Pembroke Beach has free parking and is next to Pembroke's public library. Pembrook Public Library was built in 1915 as a Carnegie library, which means it received funding from the Carnegie Foundation with $15 000 for construction costs.


Why Visit Pembroke Beach

Pembroke Beach is one of Nova Scotia's most popular beaches and is a great place to spend a day or evening. Pembroke Beach is a great place to swim, fish and boat. Pembroke's library sits next to Pembroke Beach, which makes it an ideal spot for relaxing with a good book or enjoying the view of Pembrook harbour from one of Pembroke beach's picnic tables.

Pembroke Beach is a popular spot for Pembrook residents and visitors during the summer months. Pembroke Beach in Yarmouth has all the amenities to make it an excellent place for family fun, relaxation or a romantic walk on a warm summer evening.

Guests can reach Pembroke Beach by taking route 12 south out of Pembroke. Pembroke Beach is also accessible by boat if you are coming from the north shore of Pembrook Harbour or Pembrook's Northside marina, which sits on the western side of Pembrokeshire Creek.

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