Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We focus on results-driven solutions informed by SEO strategies that are proven to deliver. Using industry-leading SEO approaches, from a robust backlinking strategy to engaging content that keeps traffic on your site, we help drive your website to the top of the organic search engines


Help leads find you easier with SEO !

Fact: Consumers make purchasing decisions based on search engine results. And most of those purchases come from first-page results. If your brand is not topping the rankings, you are missing out on valuable leads and profits. We take your digital presence to the next level with an effective SEO strategy that catapults you up search engines result pages (SERP). The result? Quickly boost your leads and the return on your marketing investment.


Better SEO Equals Better User Experiences


Comprehensive Rank-Boosting SEO Services

From building SEO Power to engaging content creation and everything in between, RevenueWings is focused on executing a comprehensive marketing strategy that delivers more website traffic, resulting in a measurable boost in your bottom line.

Internal Linking

Our experts will create an SEO-friendly internal linking strategy for your site that delivers an optimized user experience while boosting your rankings.

Keyword Research

We use data-informed approaches to discover what keywords your competitors are using and to generate new ones, delivering a results-driven roadmap to higher visibility on Google.

Traffic Analytics

Our intuitive dashboard provides everything you need to know about who is accessing your site when, giving you the data you need to make critical business decisions.

Rank Tracking

We help you track your rankings and adjust your marketing strategies when needed as you climb your way to first-page rankings.

Content Creation

Simply put, we create website content that works. We help you create a brand personality that captivates your audience while optimizing search engines visibility.

Back Link Building

Build authority and skyrocket your Search Engine Rankings with a robust backlink strategy. We deliver content that publishers are looking for, giving you the social proof to outrank the competition.


How can I find the keywords my target market is using on the internet?

Proper keyword research is the key in finding keywords that your target market is using to look for businesses similar to yours on the internet. This requires enough knowledge and skills on how to proceed and which resources to use. Once you know which relevant keywords are used by your target audience, you can use them to optimize your website and content for higher visibility on Google.

How does SEO work?

SEO works as a process of optimizing websites and content to increase ranking on search engine results, like Google. There are different techniques and strategies that you can implement that influence the authority of your website. The search engine’s algorithms will then rank websites depending on how relevant they are and based on their authority. With good SEO, you can get high rankings and visibility.

Do I need SEO for my business?

Yes, you need SEO for your business. Truthfully, every business should invest in SEO. It generates leads and drives traffic to websites in a cost-effective manner. Compared to PPC campaigns, you need to pay for every click. But if you rank organically through SEO, the traffic you get is mostly free and you can get 24/7 higher visibility.

What types of SEO content do I need for my business?

There are five major types of content you need for your business. You can focus on in your SEO strategy: written content or blog posts, visual content such as images or infographics, videos, audios, and interactive content like virtual events or webinars. Depending on the strategy you have, you can utilize all of these or focus on at least two as a start.

How does Back Linking work?

Backlinking is the process of buying or exchanging links to other sites. This helps you in getting a lot of traffic and ranking at the top of the search engines. However, it is a very risky process since there is a chance that your site may be banned from the search engines if you do not follow the rules.

How to start making content for my business?

The best way to start making content for your business will vary depending on your industry, goals, and target audience. The first factor you have to consider is what type of content does your target audience is most likely to engage with. Once you know this, you can generate relevant and engaging ideas that are matched with the type of content you will use. Then, you can start making your content and optimizing it more for better SEO results.

Why isn’t my website ranking on Google?

There are many potential reasons why your website might not be ranking on Google. It could be that your website is new and hasn't had time to build up authority yet. It could also be that your website is not optimized for search engine ranking, or that you're targeting keywords that are too competitive. If you're not sure why your website isn't ranking on Google, it's best to consult.

Can I use Social Media as part of my SEO strategy?

Yes, you can use social media as part of your SEO strategy. Social media can be a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your website or blog content. However, it's important to remember that social media should be just one part of a larger SEO strategy.

What is Internal Linking in SEO?

Internal linking in SEO is the process of creating a link from one page to another on your site. It’s a key part of on-site optimization because it helps you direct more traffic to the pages that are most relevant and important to your site. By creating internal links to these pages, you can encourage search engines to rank them higher in their results and drive more traffic to them.

How do I know if traffic is being driven to my website?

You can only know if traffic is being driven to your website after measuring traffic. There are a number of ways to measure traffic to your website based on the number of visitors, pageviews, or average time spent on your website. All of these indicators can be found in your website's analytics. By tracking and analyzing this data, you can better understand how your website is performing and make adjustments as needed to improve traffic and engagement.

What are the impacts of a low SE ranking on my business?

While a low search engine ranking may not directly impact your business, it can certainly have indirect impacts. For example, if potential customers cannot find your website or business through search engine results, it can make it harder for you to attract new customers and grow your business. Additionally, low search engine rankings can also affect your website traffic, as incoming visitors will be less likely to click on your website.

Is SEO possible for my business in Canada?

Yes, SEO is definitely possible for your business in Canada. There are a number of things that you can do to increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your site. You should also consider using a variety of other marketing tactics to help boost your online visibility and reach more potential customers. With the right strategy and ongoing effort, you can achieve success with SEO in Canada.

Will the effects of SEO be seen immediately?

The length of time before you can see the SEO effects depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the SEO work being done and the competitiveness of your industry. In general, though, it is unlikely that you will see an immediate jump in traffic or rankings after implementing SEO best practices. However, over time, as your website becomes more visible to search engines and as you continue to optimize your content, you should see gradual improvements in your rankings and traffic.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing a web page so that it will be better ranked in search engines, or assigned more relevant links from other websites. In general, on-page factors are determined by variables controlled by the website owner and include factors such as body content, link structure and clarity of title tags etc. By using methods like keyword research, site audits and optimization, webmasters can improve the performance of their pages in search results.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to activities that you perform outside of your website, like link building and social media marketing. While on-page SEO focuses on optimizing your website's content, structure, and performance to help you rank higher in search engines, off-page SEO focuses on building quality links and promoting your content on social media to generate more exposure for your business.

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