The Crombie: A Little Piece of Canada

The Crombie is a small village in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. The area has been recognized as one of the top attractions for tourists visiting Nova Scotia. The Crombie Village is situated on the banks of the East River, where visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities such as fishing and boating. The community also offers many shops and restaurants to explore while getting a taste of life in The Crombie Village!


Features and Highlights of The Crombie

The Crombie has so much to offer visitors in The Crombie Village. The main attraction is the outdoor scenery this Canadian destination provides. The Riverbank Drive features many different shops and restaurants. People can enjoy local activities such as fishing or boating on The East River! The community also provides trails open year-round for hiking enthusiasts to explore The Crombie's natural landscape. The Crombie is also home to the Museum of Industry, which offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about Nova Scotia's industrial history!

Here are the notable points of this Canadian point of interest.

  • The Crombie was first settled by Scottish immigrants who arrived from Scotland during the 1760s
  • The original name was “Crombiefield”, which means “crooked field” because it's located at the curve/bend of a river
  • The population ranges from 40 to 50 people
  • The Crombie is one of the most photographed places in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • The village boasts many historic buildings that have been restored over time to preserve its culture and heritage. The East River Trail was built along an old railway line at The Crombie Village, which makes for a perfect spot for biking or hiking throughout The Crombie
  • The Crombie is known to be one of the best places for catching salmon and trout in all of Nova Scotia, Canada
  • The Crombie is also home to The Museum of Industry, which features a great collection of artifacts from Nova Scotia's past industries.


The Bottom Line

As a Canadian point of interest, the Crombie, Nova Scotia, is not to be missed. The community offers plenty of outdoor activities for those who want to enjoy The East River and its natural beauty! The Crombie also features historic buildings that have been restored throughout the years. These buildings now house the various shops and restaurants where people can eat or shop while exploring The Crombie Village.

The Crombie is definitely a unique place to visit in Canada and should be added to everyone's list of Canadian points of interest!

For more information on The Crombie, Nova Scotia:

  • Visit the website of The Museum of Industry at:
  • Check out The Crombie Village website at:
  • The Crombie, Nova Scotia, is also featured in various travel publications such as The Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide!

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