Waddell Falls: The Perfect Canadian Escape to Enjoy Nature and Culture

Waddell Falls is a beautiful Canadian point of interest, and it's located in Truro, Nova Scotia. Waddell falls can be found at the end of Waddell Road.


Waddell Falls: A Nova Scotia Treasure

Waddell Falls has been a popular spot for locals and tourists to visit for many years. There are many things to do here, including viewing the falls, hiking, picnicking, fishing, and swimming.

The Waddell Falls are pretty significant, and they are the second-highest falls in Nova Scotia. They are also one of the deepest waterfalls in Nova Scotia, with a drop of 66 feet (20 m).

A viewing platform at the top of the falls provides visitors with an excellent view. The walk to the falls is a short and easy hike, and it's well worth the visit.

The Waddell Falls area includes a playground, washrooms, and a picnic area. There are many things to do in this beautiful spot, and it's definitely worth visiting if you're in the area.


Waddell Falls' Background Story

Waddell Falls takes its last name, “Wad(d)e1”. It is named after Alexander Waddell, a lumber baron that owned much land in this area. The waterfall, as seen today, was not created by Waddel but rather by John Galtland, who bought the land from Waddle in 1875. The Galtland family sold the land to Truro Pulp and Paper in 1905.

The Waddell Falls Dam was built between 1907-1909 by the Nova Scotia Power Commission, which created the Waddell Reservoir. The falls were initially used to power a sawmill and grist mill that was once located at this spot. Waddell Falls was designed to provide water for the Truro Iron Foundry during its construction.

The Waddell Reservoir, which is used for recreation purposes now, is also sometimes called “the pond” locally because of its size and one of the bigger bodies of water in this area. The falls are located on Waddell Brook, a tributary of the Salmon River.


The Bottom Line

Waddell Falls' breathtaking natural attraction has attracted visitors for centuries with its perfect blend of nature and culture. It also offers other activities such as walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds for children, fishing and swimming. Waddell Falls is located very close to other landmarks. Many nearby hotels offer accommodations within Waddell Falls in Nova Scotia, Canada. This includes Waddel House Bed & Breakfast Truro Motor Inn, making it an ideal destination for a day of adventure, among others.

Waddell Falls is an ideal destination for spending a day outdoors, a perfect blend of nature and culture.

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