The World's Largest Fiddle: What You Need to Know

The World's largest fiddle is located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. The fiddle has some features that make it unique and exciting for visitors. For example, it is the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the World's largest fiddle. It is also related to Canadian fiddling in terms of history and culture.


How Large is The World's Largest Fiddle

The World's Largest Fiddle is located on the Sydney waterfront, and visitors will enjoy walking along this beautiful area. The fiddle measures are 40 meters long with a height of 12.19 meters, making it truly unique! The World's Largest Fiddle bow is also shaped like an actual bow (with curvature and all). It is situated in front of The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.


What The World's Largest Fiddle is Made Out of

The materials used to make The World's Largest Fiddle are out of this World! The fiddle was constructed with steel, vinyl, aluminium, copper tubing, fibreglass, wood (for the bow), and paint. The total weight of the fiddle is approximately 26,000 pounds!


How The World's Largest Fiddle was Built

The World's Largest Fiddle construction took two years, and it was a team effort by several people. The project started with an idea from local artist Alan Syliboy. The fiddle was then designed by David Weale, a naval architect from Halifax. The World's Largest Fiddle fabrication was done by Scott Bernard Ltd., which is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The installation of the fiddle was completed in September 2014.


Who Designed The World's Largest Fiddle

The World's Largest Fiddle was designed by David Weale of Halifax. The design is inspired by the Sydney Steel Plant, which used to be an industrial area that has now transformed into a cultural district with art galleries and museums. The original plant operated for over 100 years until it closed in 2001.


What The World's Largest Fiddle Represents

The World's Largest Fiddle is a symbol of pride for the people of Sydney. It celebrates their culture, history, and traditions. The fiddle was built to honour the music and artistry so profoundly rooted in this community.


Canadian Fiddling – History and Culture

Canadian fiddling is quite interesting in terms of its history and culture. The Indigenous people were the first known to play this instrument. Still, it was not until Scottish immigrants came to Canada that European-style tunes became popularized with the Canadian public. The Scots brought their bagpipes, harps, accordions (which later evolved into The Great Highland Bagpipe), and The World's Largest Fiddle. The Scots are credited with being the main contributors to Canadian fiddling today!

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